Our Green Policy

We will not compromise on our commitment to running an environmentally ethical business. We are globally certified while also being registered with the relevant green councils.

Sustainability, waste-management and carbon emissions; as well as our Suppliers impressive environmental credentials, certificates and accreditations

Most Local manufacturers are accredited by “Proudly South African”, ISO, and other locally recognized standards.

Maximum impact to your business, with minimal impact to the environment.

 Environment & Sustainability & Carbon Footprints

Now Furniture is committed to continually improving the Sustainability of all environmental aspects within our business.

To meet international environmental standards as well as our corporate environmental l targets we apply the three R’s principle:

— reduce

— reuse

— recycle

Whilst Recycling is the element which receives the most exposure it is actually the third option available and should not be the prime target in the battle to Reduce waste. It is the effort made in the first instance to minimize usage, then giving consideration to Reuse where possible that contributes, before having to consider Recycling.

Everything revolves around Sustainability. And our day-to-day business revolves around Recycling and the way our Now Furniture encourages everyone we deal with to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We comply entirely to ISO 14001 Environmental Standard, which aims to reduce any and all negative impacts on the environment. We are members of FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme).

Our latest environmental journey has been monitoring Senator (Our Suppliers) carbon (CO2) footprint*. With an inextricable link to global warming, carbon (CO2) emissions are currently the biggest threat to environmental welfare, and we’ve successfully followed our carbon footprints right back to their source. By measuring specifics like the power used at our manufacturing sites and the diesel used to distribute all of Senator’s products, a simple mathematical equation tells us, for example, the carbon footprint  for delivering a typical Senator chair or desk. Now we have got the base line figures, we can utilize everything from design amendments to our Continuous Improvement Policies and Energy Initiatives to drive down our carbon emissions as much as we possibly can.