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Now Furniture

Now Local

Now Furniture and Accessories local product range is manufactured with local African Culture in mind. We include local design ethos by utilizing the beautiful resources of Africa to give you furniture that is both unique in design and sustainable, with minimal harm to the environment. By supporting local manufacturing, we create connections within communities, provide jobs, and enable ongoing conversation in perfecting a product. Local manufacturing is not always the cheapest option, but the proximity between producer and buyer can help reduce Global foot print and through constant design and development, we are always in the Lead.


Founded in 1977, The Senator Group is the largest manufacturer of Office Furniture in the UK and the leading investor in R&D and Design. In recent years the Senator Group has expanded with a series of exciting and strategic business acquisitions.

Turnover across the Group continues to grow every year and with over 1000 employees the buzz is still there our passion for the business maintains the driving force behind Senator.


Allermuir conceives, designs, produces and lovingly supplies beautiful furniture. Created with people and the spaces they occupy in mind, we work with some of the most talented international designers to create innovative pieces which are thought provoking, challenging and different, with a contemporary feel.

The story of Allermuir has always been about personality, about setting the tone and bringing diversity to design. 


Haworth’s three pillars—combined—are what differentiate us: Family-Owned, Global Expertise, and Design Led. So does our heritage, deepened by three generations of one family and guided by our Values—the cornerstone of our culture. As a family-owned, privately held, $2 billion global company, we have the ability to plan for the long term. We don’t make decisions based on a single financial quarter. We stay the course. Family ownership and accountability lead to Haworth making investments for the future to benefit our clients, members, and communities.

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