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Our Work

Bank Makeover

This dynamic project unfolded within the premises of one of South Africa’s prominent “Big 5” banks. Our assignment involved the revitalization of their break rooms, open-plan offices, and meeting spaces. Employing a curated blend of booths, office desks, and a diverse array of furnishings, we skillfully orchestrated a comprehensive makeover to breathe new life into these vital work and relaxation areas.

Multinational Giant

This multinational consumer goods giant engaged our services to elevate their prestigious offices. The eco-friendly installation not only incorporated single-piece wooden tabletops and earthy tones but also introduced a diverse range of seating options. Ensuring comfort and style, the reception and office spaces now boast an inviting atmosphere that aligns seamlessly with the company’s global image.

Insurance Megahouse

This project unfolded at Africa’s largest insurance company, where we undertook the redesign of their open-plan office, meeting rooms, and concierge areas across multiple sites, including their flagship Sandton offices. To breathe life into this initiative, we curated a diverse selection of soft seating, pods, and premium products, ensuring a vibrant and transformative outcome.

Connecting South Africa

As a key player in South Africa’s telecommunications sector, this prominent entity chose us as their preferred office furniture supplier. The remarkable installation incorporated high tables and canteen stools in pause areas, coupled with the integration of cozy meeting spaces, enhancing the sophistication of an already beautiful workspace.

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