Openest Chick

A series of large cushions that act as lounge soft seating, including an ottoman with a flip up back.

Openest Chick Overview

Openest Chick poufs help leverage open space—small or large—by creating cozy, flexible areas that inspire people to do their best work. Easy to arrange and ready for anything, Chick poufs are at home in any setting—from individual focus and retreat areas, to collaborative and social gathering spots.

Designed with soft lines, close attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship, Openest Chick brings warmth to the environment, offering approachable comfort and versatility for changing needs.

Use pieces alone as traditional side chairs and ottomans, or mix and match them in groups and with other Openest elements.

Multiple shapes and sizes, subtle height variations, and a range of top and side fabrics that can be specified separately let you to build a layered landscape of colourful, collaborative spaces that people are drawn to.

With four shapes and sizes—including a unique, extra large round pouf—Openest Chick creates enticing spaces where people can work, gather, or simply relax.

When used as side seating, the back envelopes you like an eggshell, creating a cozy nook. Use the pull-tab to flip the back down, and the Chick becomes an ottoman or auxiliary surface for work tools and personal items.

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