Technology today enables us to choose how we work. We work everywhere: at home, while travelling, in a café, or in the office. This freedom has led to an increasing desire for individual expression in the office. As the office landscape evolves, more individuals want to work in environments that offer a sense of refuge from the traditional office concept – spaces that have personality and evoke emotion and a sense of place.

YourPlace Overview

YourPlace reflects the desire for a different type of workplace – one that emphasises and supports personal identity and unique ways of work, all in a more inspiring atmosphere.

Your height.
YourPlace offers the ability to work and communicate in various ways: analogue or digital, sitting or standing, as a speaker or listener, focused or collaborative. A holistic furniture system that can suit any requirements, YourPlace consists of modules which can be mixed and matched in various ways, allowing for the creation of zones within an open office.

YourPlace offers both electronic and manual height adjustment so that hotdesk users can arrive at a workstation and instantly tailor it to their comfort preference and working style. Throughout the working day they can adjust this according the task they need to achieve.

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